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Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Video


Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera with Free Online Recording.

Tap into your camera from anywhere - connecting you to what matters from whereever you are.  Super simple to set up and use, just connect a camera, create an account and you're away. No technical know-how, no fiddling with your router settings, setup can even be done on any computer, tablet or smartphone – it’s just a quick and simple way to watch whatever you want.

Combining simple wireless internet cameras and your own secure online account, the wi-fi camera allows you to watch live or see recorded clips from any computer, tablet or smartphone - keeping you in touch with what matters most. Each HomeMonitor camera comes with 'last 2 days' free online recording, so any clips are safely stored on secure cloud servers letting you access them from anywhere. No subscriptions, no ongoing fees.

Using the latest wireless Wi-Fi N technology, HomeMonitor lets you watch whatever you value day and night thanks to its high quality camera and infrared night vision, letting you see in the dark, even in pitch black! Set up motion detection zones and get email alerts on any movement, with recordings stored securely in your personal account ready for review or download. Add more cameras at any time, and get extra online recording storage time for a small annual fee.

Potential uses:

• Farm Security
• Record a video clip each time someone enters your office or outbuilding

Product Features

Top 5 features

• Fast  and easy setup - Get setup and watching your camera in seconds. No software installation or router setup needed.
• Live view from anywhere - See and hear the things you love from anywhere on any computer, tablet or smartphone.
• Free secure online recording - 2 days free unlimited storage for all your videos stored securely in your own cloud-based online account. No monthly sign-up, ongoing payment, or subscription required.
• Infrared night vision - Around the clock performance with built-in professional infrared night vision which lets you see up to 15m, even in complete darkness.
• Motion detection and alerts - Record video clips and get email notifications sent directly to your device when any movement is detected.