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Whatever your fencing problem, ornamental, rural, domestic, commercial, livestock or estate enclosure, Mulberry Contractors can provide the perfect solution.


All types of fencing can be constructed, this includes post and rail,  hit and miss, closeboard, split (cleft) and post and palisade.


For us, fences are a matter of art and pride; and there are no limitations on the materials or styles that can be used.


Mulberry Contractors will always use good quality materials to ensure a high standard of fencing with a long life.


At Mulberry Contractors, we not only provide the best and most affordable solution to your fencing and gate projects, but we provide information on all areas of fence construction and design.

Closeboard Fencing

Palisade Fencing

Double Split with Oak Post Fencing

Post and Wire

Single Split with Oak Post


Chainlink Fence

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Galvanised  Field Gates

Box Strut/Stock Fencing