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Habitat & vegetation surveys

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At Mulberry Contractors, our in-house experienced ecologist, David Bavin,  can survey and advise you on your land and the wildlife that lives there.


David works closely with Mulberry Contractors providing specialist ecological advice. David graduated with the Sir Alfred Lewis Prize, awarded to the best final year student who has completed a degree course at Bangor University’s School of Biological Sciences.


Our team can survey and advise you on your land and the wildlife that lives there. These surveys provide valuable information to support planning applications. They can identify potential habitats for protected species, and any constraints that might impact on a project.


Water Vole

water vole


European water vole


Water voles are widespread around Europe, living in the banks of slow moving rivers, streams and other waterways. The waterside burrows of these strong swimmers have many floor levels that hinder flooding, as well as nesting chambers and a food store for the long winter months. Although water voles are a quick meal for many predators, the UK population suffered a catastrophic level of predation by the American mink. Water voles are often mistaken for rats. Ratty, in Kenneth Grahame's 'The Wind in the Willows', was actually a water vole.

Scientific name: Arvicola amphibius


Rank: Species


Common names:

Eurasian water vole,

Water rat,

Water vole